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HI THERE EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO INTERNET. I like to draw. Lately I've been doing mostly comics. Someother things like performing with Duuserit or having fun with Piirustuskerho. I've been putting out some records and books through Boing Being since 18 yo, that's +20 years now - getting old. Together with my friend Jelle we started Huuda Huuda 2006 to get some decent comics translated into Finnish. What else? I grew up in an army base in Ruovesi and later Juupajoki which I still consider my home. After some years in Raahe and Tampere and 10 years in Helsinki I ended again in Tampere, where I currently live. Still work with Kutikuti collective & studio that's based in Helsinki. That's quite much it. I like to travel and I like to eat and I love Tiina. I like to sleep also, it's something very luxury. Holy sleep. CV here.